Saturday, November 9th

AMC Hoffman 22

Burke and Herbert Family Showcase

Saturday 10am, Theater #2

Saving to Give

Filmmaker: Julia Hocker 2 minutes USA Documentary

A teen learns about saving, while helping her favorite charity. 1st place regional winner and 2nd place national winner in the "Lights, Camera, Save" video contest sponsored by the American Bankers Association and Burke and Herbert Bank.

Q&A with filmmaker, Julia Hocker

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Del Ray: Where Main Street Still Exists

Filmmaker: Emma Schutzius 5 minutes USA Documentary

A young filmmaker celebrates the traditions and vitality of her close-knit Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood.

Q&A with filmmaker, Emma Schutzius

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Filmmaker: Kathryn Elizabeth Heady 2 minutes USA Animated Short

Animated short about the forbidden romance between Roxanne, a pet rock, and Dwayne, a swashbuckling action figure.

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God Bless the Cook

Filmmakers: Zoe Malhotra & Annalise Pasztor 20 minutes USA Nonfiction

Chef Roslyn Spence trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but her biggest critic and mentor remains her mother, a 94-year-old self-taught cook for Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Q&A with filmmakers, Zoe Malhotra & Annalise Pasztor

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Team Marco

Filmmaker: Julio Gambuto 90 minutes USA Comedy

Eleven-year old Marco is so obsessed with his electronics that he hardly leaves the house. In “Team Marco,” state-of-the-art amusements make way for the world’s oldest game. Join us for a match-up not to be missed!

Q&A with filmmaker, Julio Gambuto and producer, Sam Sandweiss

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AFF 2019 Film Showcase

Saturday 10am, Theater #3

My Beautiful Stutter

Filmmaker: Ryan Gielen 90 minutes USA Documentary

Chronicles the lives of five kids who enroll in an NYC arts-based program that ultimately empowers them to deal with the pain and stigma of their speech impediments.

Q&A with Taro Alexander, lead

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Sensei Fran Kicks Ass

Filmmaker: Simone Fary 20 minutes USA Documentary

Eighty-year old Fran Vall leads a "kick-ass" life. As a master teacher of two martial arts, who snowboards in her spare time, she proves that "age" is merely a state of mind.

Q&A with filmmaker Simone Fary

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AFF 2019--Film Showcase

Saturday 1pm, Theater #2

Fresh Perspective

Filmmaker: Aaron Hose 11 minutes USA Documentary

Striving to diversify a mostly white industry, three ingenius African-American entrepreneurs create the first black beer festival.

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One Summer Night

Filmmaker: Conner Keesling 146 minutes USA Romantic Comedy

Over the course of one night, an incoming college freshman, reconnects with an old flame to help him chart a new direction for his life and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Q&A with filmmaker Conner Keesling and director of photography and editor, Nick Watson

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AFF 2019-Salute to Servicemembers #1

Saturday 1pm Theater #3

My Father's Brothers

Filmmaker: Shawn Kelley 83 minutes USA Documentary

June 29, 1966--a seemingly routine Wednesday that would torment and bond a company of soldiers for more than fifty years. In "My Father's Brothers, filmmaker Shawn Kelley embarks on a journey to understand what his father experienced on that haunting day during the Vietnam War.

Q&A with director, Shawn Kelley; Composer, Cristina Velez-Justo, and veteran, Mike Thivault

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Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?

Filmmaker: Zachary Stauffer 80 minutes USA Documentary

Navy pilot Lt. Wes Van Dorn is killed when his 53E helicopter crashes off the Virginia coast. His widow's relentless pursuit for the truth spurs an investigation that finds no pilot error and a helicopter that proves to be the military's deadliest aircraft.

Q&A with producer Jason Paladino, former military aircraft designer, Pierre Sprey, former pentagon analyst, Chuck Spinney

Post Screening Happy Hour sponsored by Project on Government Oversight (POGO) at San Antonio Grill after the screening!

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AFF 2019-Salute to Servicemembers #2

Saturday 4pm, Theater #2

Fruits of Peace

World Premiere!

Filmmaker: Kevyn Settle 130 minutes USA Documentary

A single event over the fiery skies of Quang Binh province on January 26, 1966 during the Vietnam War leaves indelible scars on two families who are forever linked in their struggles to pick up the pieces and repair the damage.

Q&A with filmmaker, Kevyn Settle, Executive Producer, Michael Chiplock, and Producer, Shirine Hossaini

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AFF 2019-Film Showcase

Saturday 4pm, Theater #3

The Spy Behind Home Plate

Filmmaker: Aviva Kempner 101 minutes USA Documentary

Relates the improbable story of Moe Berg, a brilliant Jewish scholar turned major baseball player, whose spy activities for the Allies in World War II helped undermine Germany's development of its atomic bomb program.

Q&A with Editor, Barbara Ballow

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Pipe Dream

Filmmaker: Chris King 19 minutes USA Documentary

Dramatizes how now legendary entertainer, Carol Burnett, rocketed from relative anonymity to Broadway stardom within just a few years. Each year thousands of budding actors move to L.A. or New York in search of stardom. 

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AFF 2019--Film Showcase

Saturday 7pm, Theater #2

Demand Curve

Filmmaker: Meredith Bragg 11 minutes USA Thriller

Offended by his kidnapper's piddly demands, a university professor applies his economic expertise to a plan to ramp up the ransom and get in on the action.

Q&A with filmmaker, Meredith Bragg

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The Body

Filmmaker: Oleg Basov 42 minutes Russia Drama

Tamara's husband dies from a heart attack, but inexplicably his body does not decompose. Seeing it as a sign, she forgoes burial to continue living with his body.

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Filmmaker: Cyrus Mirakhor 96 minutes USA Drama

A widowed mortician, struggling with agoraphobia, is given an unusual birthday gift from her mother and daughter as a joke. The gift, a life-sized male doll named Pedro, evolves from funny to fantastical, complicating her ties with her family as well as a budding relationship with a documentary filmmaker.

Q&A with Cyrus Mirakhor

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AFF 2019--Women in Film Showcase

Saturday 7pm, Theater #3


Filmmaker: Casey Wilson 18 minutes USA Drama

A comedy about death. A year after the sudden passing of their beloved wife and mother, pee pills, duct-taped goggles, and a misguided selfie play roles in a father and daughter’s struggle with life after loss. Paul (played by Michael McKean “Better Call Saul,” “Spinal Tap”) gets a perm. Abby (played by Casey Wilson “SNL,” “Happy Endings”) is sleeping in her closet. Warning: affects heartstrings and funny bones.

Q&A with director, Casey Wilson

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This Changes Everything

D.C. Premiere

Filmmaker: Tom Donahue 97 minutes USA Documentary

Star-studded documentary chronicling the history of gender discrimination in the male-dominated media and entertainment industry.This eye-opening film Includes interviews with the biggest names in Hollywood: Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Marisa Tormei, Zoe Saldana, Taraji P. Henson, Shonda Rhimes, Tiffany Haddish, Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett, and Maria Giese, to name only a few.

Q&A with Maria Giese

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AFF2019--Late Night Showcase

Saturday 10pm, Theater #2

Far From Ordinary

Filmmaker: Paul Bugarin 13 minutes USA Thriller

The story of the transformation of an ordinary, unassuming man after he undertakes a big time project.

Q&A with filmmaker, Paul Bugarin

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Filmmaker: Agim Abdula 21 minutes Macedonia Thriller

A young man hiding behind a mask of caring and concern engages a thief to break into an old lady's apartment. After the burglary, the man finds himself in a very unexpected situation.

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Filmmaker: Tim Sanchez-Prunier 25 minutes USA Thriller

Two roommates clean up their new apartment after their previous tenant--a hoarder--moves out. Amongst the junk, they find a mysterious computer that allows them to edit history in any way they choose.

Q&A with filmmaker Tim Sanchez-Prunier

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Soul: Rooh

Filmmaker: Mansour Assad 13 minutes Saudi Arabia Thriller

A short film about a guy trying to balance his struggling work life and taking care of the only soul that matters to him.

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AFF 2019-Late Night Showcase

Saturday 10pm--Theater #3

Suffocating with Manners

Filmmaker: Sertac Koyuncu 12 minutes Turkey Thriller

Seven complaining residents of an apartment building crowd into an elevator. breaks down, giving them something to really complain about.

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The Turner Exhibit

Filmmaker: Mathew Bainbridge 25 minutes USA Thriller

Replays the classic Biblical saga of Cain and Abel in a contemporary setting. Striking imbalance in their levels of achievement and success feed a deepening resentment between two brothers that leads to tragic consequences.

Q&A with filmmaker, Mathew Bainbridge and Producers Alexander Hedstrom and Paul Weiss

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The Keeper

Filmmaker: Bob Celli 14 minutes USA Thriller

The distance between longing and obsession is shorter than you think.

Q&A with filmmaker Bob Celli & producer Laura Delano

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Filmmaker: Lawrence Whitener 24 minutes USA Thriller

A mild-mannered, henpecked accountant finds joy in collecting antique 8mm movie cameras. His latest find captures much more than just life, but will it open doors to a new way of living and seeing the world?

Q&A with filmmaker Lawrence Whitener and crew

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