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6:00pm: Alexandria Premiere of the new PBS original series, MERCY STREET [Private Event at AMC Hoffman Theater]

PBS’s new civil war drama, MERCY STREET, is historically based in Alexandria, Virginia. The festival will host a Q&A with MERCY STREET stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Mary Phinney), Hannah James (Emma Green), Tara Summers (Anne Hastings), and executive producers David W. Zucker and Lisa Wolfinger. Local Alexandria producer and Alexandria Film Festival award winning filmmaker Joe Cantwell will moderate a Q&A following the screening.

10:30am: Journey to a Miracle,
Special Guest: Laurie Jaffe [Beatley]

1:15pm: I AM REVA [Beatley]

2:30pm: Free Flight [Beatley]

3:00pm: Freak the Language [Beatley]

3:30pm: Les Falaises, Special Guest: Karen Reedy [Beatley]

4:00pm: The Deep Heart’s Core, Special Guest: Philip Brubaker [Beatley]

4:05pm: Hermits [Beatley]

6:00pm: Meet the Filmmakers & Sponsors Opening Happy Hour [Location TBA]

10:00am: Kid’s Cinema Showcase [AMC 2]
The Ballad of Holland Island House | Hill of the Hapersnoks | On the Wing, Special Guest: Dan DeLuca

10:00am: Sydney-Chanele Dawkins Memorial Screening [AMC 3]
Modern Love is Automatic, Special Guest: Aaron Dawkins

10:30am: Arlington Passages, Special Guest: Erin Potter [Beatley]

11:15am: Shrines, Special Guests: Chris O’Leary, Aldo Bello and Lloyd Wolf [Beatley]

11:30am: Mannish Boy [Beatley]

12:00pm: Offset: Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury, Special Guest: Adam Hall [Beatley]

1:00pm: Short Film Showcase [AMC 2]
Safiyah Flies Across the Ocean | Mail.Man, Special Guest: Bill Aydelott | The Poem of a Memory | Birthday | Zero | Keepsake, Special Guest: Meredith Sause

1:00pm Film Showcase [AMC 3]
Three Lady Tailors | The Bonobo Connection, Special Guest: Irene Magafan | The Woman Novelist in the Psychiatric Hospital | Yemeniettes

1:30pm: The Son of Mapes [Beatley]

2:00pm: From Australia with LOV3, Special Guest: Jess Demshar [Beatley]

2:10pm: Tunnel Vision [Beatley]

2:30pm: Rebirth, Special Guest: Alireza Saddredini [Beatley]

2:45pm: The Soft Shelled Crab and the Metal Claw [Beatley]

3:00pm: Cherry Blossom [Beatley]

3:30pm: Landscape of Power: Freedom and Slavery in the Dismal Swamp, Special Guest: Nina Shapiro-Perl [Beatley]

4:00pm: Film Showcase [AMC 2]
Janey Makes a Play | Oh Crappy Day, Special Guests: Lance Bacon and Steven Neilson

4:00pm: Film Showcase [AMC 3]
The Art of Richard Thompson | Freak the Language | C.T.R.L | I Approve this Message, Special Guests: Jesse Strauss and Paul Wilson

7:00pm: Advance Screening [AMC 2]
LOVE THE COOPERS, Advance Screening | MERRY XMAS, Special Guest: Adam Rackoff

7:00pm: Film Showcase [AMC 3]
MERRY XMAS, Special Guest: Adam Rackoff | Brainwashing of my Dad, Special Guests: Jen Senko, Adam Rackoff

10:00pm: Late Night Shorts Showcase [AMC 2]
The Schoolboy | The Drought Land | In Progress | Dream Writers | Forest Born, Special Guests: Josh Peterson and Deniz Demirer

10:00pm: Late Night Film Showcase [AMC 3]
Lady in White | Rage, Special Guest: Samuel Theodros | Inertia | American Dirtbags, Special Guests: Bob Place and Chris Bell

10:00am: Film Showcase [AMC 2]
Building Magic, Special Guest: Kal Toth | Sideshow of the Absurd

10:00am: Film Showcase [AMC 3]
The Last Great Circus Flyer

1:00pm: International Film Showcase [AMC 2]
Uncle & Son, Special Guest: Anh Nguyen | Before We Lose | SHACKLE

1:00pm: Film Showcase [AMC 3]
Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco, Special Guest: Sterling Noren

4:00pm: Film Showcase [AMC 2]
From Australia with LOV3 | Luchadora, Special Guests: River Finlay, Laura Franco | Fixed | The David Dance, Special Guest: Don Scime

4:00pm: Advance Screening [AMC 3]
LOVE THE COOPERS, Advance Screening | MERRY XMAS, Special Guest: Adam Rackoff

Closing Reception & Awards Ceremony
[AMC Mezzanine]